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Welcome to the Great Teen Read! 

The way this works is: You sign up, you can log up to seven books per month, and each book logged in the monthly challenge earns you a raffle ticket! At the end of the month, we pick a winner for a freakin' sweet prize basket. The next month, everyone's slate is wiped clean and you can log more books and enter the next raffle. Once you sign up, you're good for then onward, so don't worry about signing up each month. Just log in and log your books!

Getting Raffle Tickets
Instead of logging books the usual, summer reading way, we'll be logging them under Challenges. For each book you log, you'll need to give us the title and author, and a brief, 100-word review (or more, if you're so inclined). This shows us that you're not just logging everything you've ever read to pad the ticket count. Additionally, there is a limit of seven books logged per month. That's about a book and a half per week. Once the next month starts, you can enter seven more. Seven is the maximum-- you can enter just one, if you want. More entries means more tickets, but it doesn't guarantee your win! You can log books, audiobooks, manga, comics-- anything you read that month, even if it's for school!

Each month gives you the opportunity to win a new prize basket! We announce them when the challenges for that month are active, so keep an eye out. Once you've won, you won't be able to win again until next year, BUT, maybe there will be a prize for those who participate each month... ? Yep! We'll be doing some sneaky bonus prizes every so often, so keep logging! November's Nineties Nostalgia basket will have cool 90s throwback snacks and prizes like a Nickelodeon fanny pack, a Tamagotchi, Bop-It, and more!

Book Boxes
These are an exclusive monthly blind box for TGTR members only! Each month, we'll pull a bunch of books that all share a common theme (a setting, an author, a genre, etc.), and put 'em in boxes with some other little things. You come to the Main Library and pick one up to check out, but you won't know which book it is until you take it home and open it up! Keep everything except the book, and come another one the next month. November's Book Boxes are all about November Novellas-- short, cozy romance books, all from our YA collection.