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This is the 2021 Summer Reading Program for kids in 1st through 6th Grades.
Kids entering First Grade in September 2021 can choose between the Reading Program and the Preschool Program;
Kids entering Sixth Grade in September 2021 can choose between the Reading Program and the Teen Program.
Read the information about each program to determine which works best for you.

* * *

Read and record your books in your Reading Log over the summer months. You may enter an optional review for each book. When you complete 5 books in your Reading Log, you will be entered into a weekly drawing for prizes.

You may also complete Summer Reading Challenges.  Challenges may require a longer book review, or a photo entry, or an activity.  This is different than logging books in your Reading Log.
Each challenge undertaken must be for a different book.

Book Reviews and Genre Challenges for Reading Challenges should start with the Title and Author of the book, a summary of the book, and an opinion on how you felt about the book--either your favorite part, or an overall impression.  If you don't complete the challenge correctly, you may not be entered into the prize drawing. 
Activity Challenges will be detailed in the information about the challenge.
Just for Fun Challenges are just that--for fun!

Expectations will be different for first graders than for fifth graders! 
Librarians may suggest that you add some information or try again if you haven't completed the challenge.  Some challenges may be only available for a short time while others will go on all summer. For some, you will have to complete a first challenge for the second to appear. 
Check your Challenge Page on your log to see what Challenges are available for you! 
Completing Challenges are completely optional.

Once you complete a Challenge, you will be entered into a weekly prize drawing. 

Every Challenge entered must be for a different book. Challenges can be taken from books in your Reading Log...your Reading Log is a list of the books you've read this summer, so for Challenges you should take a book on your list and telling us more about it.

PRIZES!  We will have weekly Prize Drawings;  every time you Enter 5 Books or complete a Reading Challenge, you will be entered into the Prize Drawing for that week.  We will reach out then to all participants--so make sure to use a valid email, and check it occasionally over the summer!  
Weekly Drawings for Prizes will begin the week of July 12th. 

We will still have Raffle Prizes for the end of the summer.   Please visit the Library to look at the prizes in the case.  Each time you read 5 Books or complete a Reading Challenge, you get a Raffle Prize Ticket.  You can decide which Raffle Prize you would like to win.  You can use all your tickets on one thing, or spread them out.

The Summer Reading Deadline will be on Friday, August 20th.  Your Reading Log and Challenges must all be entered by Midnight.  Our Summer Reading Celebration will be figured out later in the summer.  If you participated in the Summer Reading Program, you will be able to choose a book to keep for all your hard work! 

Any questions?  Call the Children's Desk at 781-786-6166 or click on our email link. 


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For more information about upcoming programs for kids this summer, visit the Weston Public Library Calendar!

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