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Register for our Summer Reading Program starting June 17th. We’ve made it simpler this year.  You just have to log the number of minutes you read over a 7-week period. Ideally, your goal should be to read at least 20 minutes a day.  We know summer is busy with all kinds of activities, but it’s important to keep reading over the summer in order to stay sharp for when school starts up again.  You can read books, graphic novels, magazines, newspapers, and comic books.  e-Content and audiobooks are acceptable as well.  

Prizes will be awarded when you complete the following:

200 minutes – Pick something from the teen prize box + 2 entries for the final drawing

350 minutes – Pick something from the teen prize box + 1 more entry into the final drawing

700 minutes or more – Pick out a new book + 1 more entry for every 100 minutes you read

Deadline to log your minutes is August 3rd at midnight.
The last day to pick up your prizes is Saturday, August 10th.

A final raffle drawing will be held for participants who logged at least 100 minutes. Participants will have one chance to win for every 100 minutes they’ve logged.  

1st Prize – $100 gift card for Amazon

2nd Prize - $30 gift card for MJR Digital Cinema 16

3rd Prize - $15.00 gift card for Dairy Queen