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Thanks for registering for our winter reading program!  Through the Terryville Public Library’s winter program you have the
opportunity to discover great new books, learn about and do
interesting new things, and win awesome prizes just for reading regularly!


How it works:

Complete challenges (they automatically show up each new week), keep track of the time you spend reading, or do a combination of both! The last day to come into the library and redeem tickets is WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd, 2017!


Stop by the library to receive a ticket for every challenge (remember some have multiple parts) you complete and/or every hour of reading! The activities are based on the five practices that support early literacy: Talking, Writing, Singing, Playing, and Reading.


If your child is too young to complete an activity, substitute a similar age-appropriate activity. For example, if your child doesn’t speak yet, talk to your child instead.


Each ticket earned is a chance to win one of the prizes in our
drawing at the end of the program!


Reading great books isn’t the only thing on the library’s
schedule, though. We’re also offering a broad selection of fun programs including Mr. Magic, Hooked on Llamas, Dancing Feet,
storytimes (including a bimonthly Saturday storytime), Mini Artists, a Stuffed Animal Sleepover and Storytime, Fun with Rhythms by Edward Leonard, and more! All of our programs are
FREE to enjoy!