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Enter your birthdate to join the program Adult Summer Reading 2018.


Our Summer Reading Programs end this Friday, August 17! All tickets must be redeemed and in the boxes by 6 pm.

If you did this last year:  Hi, welcome back! Your usernames and passwords from last year will continue to work this year. Go ahead and sign in! (if, you cannot remember usernames, passwords, or emails from last year, just call us! We can look it up.)

If you are new, just click the Join here link. Follow the instru ctions, if it won't let you sign up, you might be in the wrong program for your age group. Double check and if it still doesn't work give us shout. We'll sort it out.  

If you want to manage a household of users, here is some stuff you should know: Parents/Guardians can create a guardian account for your site by clicking the "Enter Family Management Portal" button on a program's login page. 

Upon registering, a confirmation email is sent to the email address entered on the registration form. You need to confirm the account via the link provided in the confirmation email before you can continue.

If a child has an existing Wandoo account (from last year's summer reading program) with the same email address as the guardian's account, that child's account will be automatically linked to the guardian account. Otherwise, the parent/guardian account will be empty upon creation.

If a child already has a Wandoo account, but with a different email, the child's account can be linked  by clicking the "Link Existing User" button. You will need to know the Child's username and password from last year.

Clicking the "Register" button next to the child's account allows the parent/guardian to register that child in an active program.