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PART I: READ REGULARLY. Read at least 1 hour every week.  Enter your time by Sundays @ 5pm to be entered in weekly drawings. For a list of our awesome prizes and our generous sponsors please visit our website.

PART II: THE DEWEY DECATHLON CHALLENGE. Do one challenge from each Dewey section (ten total) in any order that you would like.  The goal is to complete at least 3 challenges by reading books.  The rest can be completed by doing one of the other activities listed in that section.  Need help finding a good book? Check out our reading suggestion lists by Dewey section here.  Need some ideas for the other activities? Check out our Activity Guide complete with links to websites, podcasts, and more.

Every challenge completed will earn you an entry in the grand prize drawing + a small incentive that you can pick up at the help desk.  

- Complete all TEN challenges & get an extra TEN entries in the grand prize drawings.

- All challenges must be entered by Saturday, February 4th @ 5pm.  

- Grand prize winners will be announced on Superbowl Sunday (Feb. 5) by 5pm.

- There will be a number of bonus challenges. Completing these will earn you extra entries in grand prize drawings.

GRAND PRIZES INCLUDE: a $100 gift card to 1907 Meat Co., an Ancestry.com DNA test, and a gift bag from the Friends of the Stillwater Public Library.