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Welcome to KIDS Team Read!
This year the competition is tough, but kids have a championship to defend! Red Hot Readers Log is for all students 2 - 11 years who are joining the Red Hot Kid Readers! We'll try to read at least 30 minutes each day. Each time you read for 30 minutes, you'll earn a red hot reader point for our team! We're competing against the Green Dragon Teens and the Title Wave Adults to be the summer reading champions! It's the showdown of the summer, so we need to read like never before! Then, join us on Saturday, September 10th at noon for a make- your-own ice cream sundae party!

In addition to helping the Red Hot Readers maintain their summer reading champion status, you'll also be earning red hot reader points to spend in our September Store from Friday September 9th through Saturday, September 10th. There will be lots to choose from, so start logging and grow your list of books so you can help the Red Hot Readers become the super champions of reading!  We can do it because the KIDS Team rocks!