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Just READ! Summer Reading Program
for all ages

Let's help you get started! 
 First thing you need to do is JOIN here!
You will need to create a User Name and Password.  
Please write it down in case you forget it.

Start reading!
Each day you read, log in your minutes on your Wandoo Reader account.  
Each day you're allowed up to 20 minutes.
When you reach 100 minutes you will earn a BOOK BUCK.
When you've earned 3 BOOK BUCKS you win a FREE BOOK!  
NEW!!  Once you've earned 5 FREE BOOKS you've completed the Just READ! Summer Reading Program!

                                             NEW!!!  ****You can win up to 5 FREE BOOKS!!**

 You might be wondering what you can read! 
 You can read anything you can get your hands on!  
Books, E-books, comics, newspapers, magazines, manuals, cereal boxes, etc.  

Questions, Comments, Concerns?
Email Mrs. B