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Thank you for registering for our summer learning challenge! This year you get to build your own summer learning challenge! Find the reading goal that works best for you and earn prizes at your own pace! When you get halfway to your goal you can come in to your local branch for a free book. For example, if you picked 500 as your goal, after 250 minutes you can come pick out your book. If you've finished your goal by the end of the summer you get a free t-shirt! You have until August 31st to meet your goal. We have challenges that will remind you how many minutes you have for the summer and if you forget what goal you set during registration just ask at the library and we can look it up for you. REMEMBER: logged minutes don't start counting for the challenge until June 17th!

We also challenge you to Build A Better World by helping others, visiting parks and museums, working on your summer homework, and writing letters or cards. Whenever you do one of these things log it in your challenges and get your name added to our display at Ives Main. See the Challenges tab for details!