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What can I read?
You can log any reading you do from June 23 to August 18: books, e-books, magazines, comics, graphic novels, newspapers, and poetry. You can even listen to audio books.

Read to your family! Read to your pets!  It all counts. You can also count the minutes that someone reads to you. (And the adults who read to you can count these minutes in their Adult Summer Reading accounts too).

Here are some summer reading lists!

What can I win?
You can earn books, grab bag items, gift cards for ice cream and Chick-Fil-A, and raffle tickets. Weekly raffle prizes, drawn on Saturday, include gift cards for bowling, movie tickets, rock climbing, and more.

The end-of-summer raffle prizes, drawn on August 18, are a Kindle Fire and gift certificates to a trampoline park and a pottery studio.

When you log the minutes you've read, you can earn these prizes:

60 minutes - Raffle Ticket
120 minutes - Chick-Fil-A Free Meal Card and a Raffle Ticket
180 minutes - Raffle Ticket
240 minutes -  Grab Bag Item and a Raffle Ticket
300 minutes - Raffle Tickets
600 minutes - Hayward's Free Ice Cream and a Raffle Ticket
1200 minutes - 3 Raffle Tickets
2400 minutes - 5 Raffle Tickets

Any other ways to win?
You will also see challenges, like writing a book review, coming to a library event, and learning a new song to perform for your family. Complete a challenge and earn raffle tickets, books, fine coupons, or grab bag prizes.

Check out library events for children. We'll also hold events for children at the Arlington Street Community Center this summer.