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A Universe of Stories
Ages 9-11

This summer you have from June 3- July 27 in which to explore the regions of space! 

"Space Mission" Challenge:

  • Readers have 8 weeks (June 3 – July 27) to read 20 minutes a day/ 5 days each week (100 minutes or 1 hour 40 minutes per challenge).
  • You may use chapter books (JF, TW), comic-format books (JG & TWG), true books (J001-J999), Speedy Reader series (SRK), and Read-along books with audio CDs (RAK).
  • Digital books and audios are also allowed. Tumble Books, rb digital and Overdrive are available for free at www.madisonlib.org.
  • Books shared at Story Time and STEM with a Story also count!
  • Each “space mission” challenge has additional activities you can choose to do in place of TWO 20 minute reading sessions; each one may be used only once per space mission challenge. For example, you may count attending a Library program only once per challenge. Make sure you log 20 minutes of reading under the "BOOKS" tab for each additional activity completed! For the "book title" just put in the name of the challenge completed.
  • Then... come to the Library when you have completed a "space mission" challenge to receive a prize. You can collect a new one each week!

This year, we’re changing how prizes are handed out.

Prizes will be awarded weekly according to this schedule:

  • Week 1: June 3-8: Program sign-ups only; no prizes available yet
  • Week 2: June 10-15: Prize 1 available starting June 10
  • Week 3: June 17-22: Prize 2 available starting June 17
  • Week 4: June 24-29: Prize 3 available starting June 24
  • Week 5: July 1-6: Prize 4 available starting July 1
  • Week 6: July 8-13: Prize 5 available starting July 8
  • Week 7/8: July 15-July 27: Extra weeks to catch up/get any prizes not yet received

You can read ahead of schedule, but prizes won’t be available until their release date. If you miss a week, you can collect it the next time.
For example, if you come in June 18, and haven’t received any prizes yet, you can pick up prize number 1 and 2.  If you’ve read past that point, and are ready for prize 3, you’ll have to wait until June 24 to get that next prize.

  • Don't worry if you miss a prize! Come to the library when you are back in town and collect your prize for the previous week.
Program may not be repeated! 
Only 1 set of prizes per person per summer while supplies last.
NO PRIZES will be given after Friday, July 27, 2019.



  • Story Time ( same program both days) – Tuesday & Wednesday at 9:45 am in the Community Room.
  • Crafts – Thursday at 2:30 in the Community Room.
  • STEM with a Story  – Wednesday at 12:00 pm @ SMITH PARK.
  • Movies  – Tuesday at 1:00 & 3:00 pm in the Community Room. *Parents* Please pre-scout movies for appropriateness for your children.
*Children must be accompanied by an adult for all activities