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Welcome to the Mother Daughter Book Club online game where you can become a SUPER-SONIC reader! Join us at the kick-off meeting Thursday, September 13, 2018 @ 6:30 p.m. where you will receive your official super-sonic lanyard.

Then you can win prizes and pins for your lanyard by earning book points for every MDBC book you read and by completing three extra challenges that match it. 

Those three challenges are:
  • Write and submit a book review.
  • Attend the Mother Daughter Book Club meeting.
  • Complete the FUN activity that matches the book for that month.
Also as an added bonus, you can earn another book point if your parent/guardian reads the book, too!

If you read all the books and earn at least 28 book points, you are eligible to become a super-sonic reader and will receive a special prize at our final Mother Daughter Book Club meeting on May 9, 2019! So let's take off, start reading, and have a blast!


2020-05-28 City-wide Cheese Shortage Reaches Day Ten

All throughout town, cheese has been hard to come by. Local dairies are incapable of meeting the public's demand for gouda, cheddar and mozzarella. If someone doesn't step in with a plan soon, several local pizza shops will go out of business!


2020-06-05 Kids Report Rise in Super Powers

Local children are reporting an increase in super powers. Authorities have solicited the help of the local library.

Any children manifesting strange abilities should report to the library immediately for a full list of fun and exciting books to read and activities to do that will help them develop into full-fledged superheroes!


2020-06-09 Superhero Appreciation Day

Superheroes really are fantastic. Have you hi-fived your friendly neighborhood superhero today? If not, be sure to give him or her a big thumbs up and tell them how thankful you are for all the amazing feats he or she does on behalf of your community!


2020-06-15 B.L.O.B Opens Newest Chapter in Town

The internationally renowned organization known as B.L.O.B. has opened an office here in town. There's no immediate word as to their plans for our city.

When asked to comment, their representatives declined to be interviewed. They simply laughed a sinister laugh and hung up the phone. Stay tuned for more details.


2020-06-25 B.L.O.B. Buys Local Fort

A local organization, the B.L.O.B. is slated to purchase a nearby warehouse on this date. Concerned citizens should read up on the details of their purchase.