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Summer Reading 2020 - IMAGINE YOUR STORY

Welcome, adventurers!  The Kirkwood Public Library is sending its readers on a quest.  The quest?  Imagine Your Story through exploration, learning, building, creating and of course, reading. 

From May 16 to August 31, the Kirkwood Public Library is offering its 2020 Summer Reading Program, Imagine Your Story with the Kirkwood Public Library.  Children ages 3-12 can register for the Children’s program, and log in the minutes they have read over the summer.  Reading with someone, having a story read to you, listening to an audiobook, reading an article online or a magazine all can be logged for summer reading. 

Below, see what prizes you can earn for reaching amount of time for Summer Reading!
  • 5 Hours: 2 chance tickets, and a Sticky Dragon
  • 10 hours: 2 chance tickets and a book
  • 15 hours: 4 chance tickets
  • 20 hours: 2 chance tickets, a Summer Reading decal
  • 30 hours: 2 chance tickets, and a book
  • 50 hours: 2 chance tickets, and your name in the list of Summer Reading challenge readers sent out through the September e-mail newsletter
  • 60 hours: 4 chance tickets
  • 70 hours: 6 chance tickets
  • 80 hours: 8 chance tickets
  • 90 hours: 10 chance tickets
  • 100 Hours: 2 chance tickets, a 3-D print coupon, and name on the 100 hour reader wall of fame.  
Due to current social distancing guidelines, prizes will be available for pick up on a to be determined date.  We will allow for pick-up of prizes for an extended period of time if necessary,  There will be a select amount of chance prizes to pick from, and once we reopen, children can enter their tickets into prize bags.  We have a slideshow to see what chance prizes will be available for children to enter.  
Chance Prizes for Summer Reading 2020! by Chelsea

This year, we are also challenging readers to reach certain goals through the summer.  Will you try one of the following quests?
  • Registration Prize! May 16
  • Weekly challenges: Week 1-15- Read five hours a week.
  • Read 20 Hours by June 1st
  • Read  50 Hours by July 5th: 
  • Read 20 Hours by July 5th:
  • Read Beyond 100 Hours by August 31st  
Finally, we know that there are a variety of creative ways our community shares their stories.  We are introducing challenges titled “Imagine Your Story”  that ask summer readers to be creative and try new things!  These challenges will be available from May 16 to August 31. Which quests do you like the most?
  • Imagine Your Story Bi-Weekly Art Challenges
  • Imagine Your Story - Brick Fairy Tale
  • Imagine Your Story - Code a Tale
  • Imagine Your Story - Day at the Museum
  • Imagine Your Story - Fairy Tale Pets
  • Imagine Your Story - How Does Your Garden Grow?
  • Imagine Your Story - Into the Woods
  • Imagine Your Story- Tasty Treat Tales
  • Imagine Your Story - YOUR Story