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April is Mathematics Awareness Month, so we’re turning our reading into math projects. Our first goal is to see how many books we can read from April 8 to 30. Every book counts! (That was a pun.) Then, we’re going to see what all we can do mathematically with the books that have been read. How many ways can we group them? How many ways can we graph them? What kind of math problems can we create out of them? (For example, if I have 100 books total and take away all the Harry Potter books, how many books do I have left?) Opportunities to win prizes are available for the person who reads the most books and for individuals who enter the math question of the week drawings. This is a great way to make math visual, personally engaging, and fun—all through reading! Reading can be tracked online (www.jclib.org) or on paper. All entries must be turned in by April 30.