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Enter your age to join the program Teen Summer Reading Program.


CALLING ALL TEENS (11-18yrs) !  

Signing up for Summer Reading is easy!  Make a username and a password to sign in--log in how many hours you read online and be entered to win some awesome prizes and a chance to win the grand prizes at the end of summer.  HAPPY READING & GOOD LUCK!

You can also register multiple children under one account by clicking the Family Management Portal



5 hrs= Pick from the Ultimate Prize Box

10 hrs=Book/Coupon Pack/T-Shirt (at end of Summer Reading)

15 hrs=Grand Prize Entry  

EACH ADDITIONAL 5 hrs after 15, you have a choice of Grand Prize Entry, Book or Candy Bar


  • Kings Island Tickets (Elmore & Genoa)

  • Echo Dot (Elmore & Genoa)

  • Chocolate Fountain & $20 MeloCreme Giftcard (Genoa)

  • Movie Night Box (Elmore)

Sign up by :


·         Clicking JOIN HERE!

·         Enter Age & Birthday

·         Enter your  Name

·         Enter a Username, a Password, Phone # & Location (Library Name)


You can also sign up multiple people on one account by clicking Family Management Portal.  


·        Click Family Management Portal

·        Click JOIN HERE!

·        Enter YOUR Name, Email & a Password

·        Check your email to verify your account

·        Return to login with your email & password

·        Add children using ADD NEW USER

·        Follow the prompts—MAKE SURE ALL PEOPLE have a different username, but they all must have YOUR REGISTERED EMAIL & YOUR PASSWORD (this way they can all show up in your portal)


Call the library if you have any questions

Elmore: (419) 862-2482
Genoa: (419) 855-3380