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You will need to read for 300 minutes a week or 60 minutes a day for 5/7 days.  You may log your minutes online and/or use the spaceship chart.  Color a star for every 60 minutes of reading that you complete.  You may read more than 300 minutes a week, but only 1 prize will be granted each week.  You may pick up a prize from the previous week if you weren't able to make it into the library.  We have special programs planned for the tweens/teens this summer.  Make sure to stop by the library to pick up a sheet with all of the events.  Make sure to get your own library card this summer so that you are able to check out books on your own and continue to use your library card next year during school.  All minutes MUST be turned in by July 30th at 8:00 pm in order to be included in the final drawings.  All 7 weeks MUST be completed in order to be in the drawings for the large prizes.  See Ms. Shelly if you have any questions.