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2019-07-23 Moon and Mars

Learn about the Moon and Mars with lots of hands-on activities and crafts as part of our STEAM Celebration Series!

Sponsored by the Danville Library Endowment


2019-07-23 Nighttime on the Mountain

What is Mount Diablo like after the human visitors head home and the resident flora and fauna reclaim the mountain? 
Join us for a presentation and talk describing the secret lives of the crepuscular critters and evening bloomers that hide in shadows during the day, but shine brightly (figuratively and sometimes literally) as darkness falls. 


2019-07-25 Evil Genius Club

Do you aspire to be an evil genius? It takes some brain power and you need mad skills. The EGC will explore potions, puzzles, secrets of circuits, and become maniacal makers. Registration required.


2019-07-25 Monthly Movie Night for Adults: Shazam!

Join us for a viewing of a newly released movie on the fourth Thursday of every month (unless otherwise noted). Selections include box-office hits or critically acclaimed titles. Call the library for this month's film. 

In July, we'll be showing Shazam! starring Zachary Levi.


2019-07-29 Movie Mondays: Starman

Come join us for a viewing of Starman.

An alien, from a distant planet, lands in Wisconsin and arrives at the remote cabin of Jenny Hayden, a distraught young widow. The alien (Starman) convinces her to drive him to Arizona, explaining that if he is not picked up by his mothership in three days he will die. 

Running Time: 115 Minutes
Rated PG