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PLEASE READ BEFORE SIGNING UP. Below are a few tips for signing up and using Wandoo Reader. If you are new to this program, call us if you need to be talked through it. It is a new-ish program for us, too, so please be patient!

  • Choose Pre-Reader (Ages 0-6), Children’s (6-12), or Teens (12-18) based on your preference. As in the past, there is overlap between program age groups. We leave you the decision of where you believe your child’s reading level is at. Typically we base off of: going into 1st grade (Children’s) and going into 7th grade (Teen), but it is ultimately your call.

  • Having trouble switching between accounts for you and a loved one? Log in to the “Family Management Portal.” It will show who the “owner” of the account is and who else is registered under the same email. For ease of use, you can then hit the green arrow “>” next to the other names.

    • Hit “View Details”

    • From this page, you will be able to look at and review challenges, books, awards, general stats, etc. You can complete challenges from here for loved ones as well instead of logging in individually for each person.

  • Youth Services is here with any questions/concerns/comments you have. Feel free to call us at (573) 334-5279 and ask for Youth Services, or email us at ys@capelibrary.org