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How Does It Work?

It's easy to participate. Read = prizes! 2019 is the Universe of Stories. Read all 8 weeks and milestone prizes. Read a total of 1,000 pages for entry into the Grand Prize Drawing!

1. Register (first time login only).

2. Read/ Listen to a book.

3. Login and record the number of pages read.

What Can I Read?

Basically, almost anything! Read any genre you like (fiction, nonfiction, manga, graphic novels, etc.) and even your required summer reading! Plus books can be in any format! eBooks, eAudio, traditional audiobooks, magazines, and graphic novels are all acceptable.

Grand Prize Drawings:
Read or listen for a total of 1,000 pages over 8 weeks and have the chance to win prizes: assorted milestone prizes, a book, parking ticket and amphitheater ticket for the county fair, and an entry into the Grand Prize drawing! Grand Prizes can include a bike, Amazon Kindle, or a book/stuffed rocket. Your target is 1,000 pages which breaks down to 125 pages/week. No pages or listening to an audiobook? You can look up the page count online or contact your library for help.