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Visit our Summer Reading page for more information about the summer reading challenge! Record your reading, attend library programs and complete challenges (click on the Challenges tab in your online account) to earn Super-Action Playpacks, “energy credits,” a spin of the Prize Wheel, a FREE book and prize-pack drawing tickets.

No timer needed; you can estimate the time you have spent reading.

  • Read for 300 minutes and earn a Super-Action Playpack or other prize from the Treasure Chest.
  • Read for 600 minutes and spin the Prize Wheel.
  • Read for 1,200 minutes and earn a FREE book.

To Register:

Click "Join here" and fill out the required information. NEW: Family Portal. Parents/caregivers can log in once and manage all of your children's accounts (optional).

To Log Your Reading:

     1Sign into your account.

   2) Either on your home page or the “Books” tab, type in the title of the book you read, and the amount of time in minutes you spent reading. Click “Submit Log.” If you finished the book, be sure to check that box as well.

To Complete Challenges (Challenges are optional):

1) Sign in to your account.

2) Click on the “Challenges” tab, click on a challenge and follow the instructions! New Challenges will be added over the summer. 



Visit our EVENTS CALENDAR for programs for children and families this summer.

Questions? We’re here to help! Please stop by or call the library if you have any questions about the summer reading challenge: (860) 828-7127. For questions about specific school requirements, please contact your school.