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You must read at least 60 minutes and log those minutes within that week to earn a reward. You must come in person to claim your reward. 

Question: What if you cannot come into the library because of vacation or camp?

Answer: You may pick up the missed week’s reward the next time you return to the library. But you must have read and logged at least 60 minutes within the dates of that missed week. 


You must be entering Grades 7 – 12 in order to participate in the program.


BEGINS June 21st and ENDS August 11th. However, you have until August 22nd to finish logging and submit your reviews.

Prizes will be awarded between August 24th and September 4th


Be sure to count any time you read, read aloud, or listen to audiobooks – even your school required reading counts!


« Weekly Rewards

o   You must come in person to claim your weekly rewards. (Family members or friends will not be able to pick up your rewards.)

o   Each week you come in with at least 60 minutes read you may choose a prize book and one other reward (restaurant coupon, scratch ticket, tote bag)


« End of Summer Prizes

o   There will be three end of summer prizes: Top Reader, Scratch Ticket Raffle, and Challenge Raffle


Contact Miss Holly at hfriedman@ashlandmass.com with any questions over the summer.