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All books and challenges must be entered before then.  This program is set up to be used to keep track of your reading forever, so you will still be able to log in books, but they won't count for prizes after midnight on Saturday. 

This is the Summer Reading Program for kids in 1st through 6th Grades.
First graders can choose between this and the Young Readers Program; Sixth graders can choose between this and the Teen Program.

Read, and record your books over the summer months.  You will have to enter how many minutes you spent reading each book.  The maximum number of minutes per entry is 90 minutes (an hour and a half).  If you read more than 90 minutes for one book,, just pull up that book again, and add the time.  It's best to enter your reading daily, but you can keep track on paper and enter several days reading at one time, as long as you keep track of the time too.  When you complete 240 minutes, you will get an Award, which will allow you to pick a Prize from the Reading Sports Chest at the Library.

To get Prizes from the Prize Case this year, you will have to complete Summer Reading Challenges.  Challenges may require a book review, or a photo entry, or an activity.  Every challenge should be for a different book.

Book Reviews should start with the Title and Author of the book, then have a quick summary of the book, and an opinion on how you felt about the book--either your favorite part, or an overall impression.  Challenges of other sorts will be detailed in the information about the challenge.  Book Review expectations will be different for first graders than for fifth graders!  You must complete a challenge correctly,  and a Librarian must approve your review  to receive a prize.  Some challenges will last only a short time, others will go on all summer.  Check your Challenge Page on your log to see what Challenges are available!  Challenges are completely optional.

Once you do complete a Challenge, you will be notified of your Award.  You can check your Award Page to see which prizes you have won for both Logging Books and for Reading Challenges..  Come to the Library to collect your prizes!  If you have earned them, you can pick out tthree prizes per Library visit. 

Every Challenge entered must be for a different book.  In other words, you can't enter the same information for two challenges--a book you reviewed as your 4th Book Challenge cannot also be your Mystery Challenge.  Your Favorite Character and your Reading Selfie should be different pictures.  Challenges should be taken from your reading log books...your log is a list of the books you've read this summer, and the challenges should be taking one of those books and telling us more about it.

The Summer Reading Deadline will be on Saturday, August 20th.  Your Reading Log and Challenges must all be entered by Midnight.  Our Summer Reading Celebration will be Monday, August 29th.  If you participated in the Summer Reading Program, come in for ice cream and to choose a book to keep for all your hard work!